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Chicago Wedding DJ

Chicago Wedding Band or Chicago Wedding DJ? Bopology does both and it works. With the Chicago Wedding DJ plan, you get the six piece group Bopology to provide the luxurious intimacy of a live band that specializes in the elegant sounds of Sinatra and the swing era along with the flexibility and variety of a Chicago Wedding DJ.

How is this accomplished within budget?

With the advent of the digitized music, a high-tech Chicago Wedding DJ with pre-planned playlists you assist in creating handles that. On the other side, the band sets an elegant tone to a visual and spontaneous musical event and the iPod becomes a Wedding DJ without all the talking. You get the best of both. Rather than a DJ alone (very common & run-of-the-mill at Chicago Weddings) or a variety "we-play-everything" band (difficult for bands to perform all styles effectively), Bopology stays focused on one musical genre and the iPod does the rest. Moreover, guests get bored with a live band continuously as they get bored with a DJ continuously. You get MORE variety because of the change in musical delivery (Live vs. Recorded), and, many songs are done by the original artist so well no band can recreate the sound satisfactorily (i.e., YMCA, Dancin' Queen, Lynard Skynard...).

Grandparents, Parents, Aunts and Uncles will rave about the professional Swing era band while the iPod playlists offer variety and flow to your wedding. Your guests can also see Bopology at the many concert dates in the Chicago Metro Area, and will always think of your wedding. Check the schedule pages to email other couples as references to the success of this new entertainment model. Click here to send an email for a hard-copy promo kit.

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